Adobe Photoshop Touch App comes to Apple iOS and Android smartphones

Adobe has announced that they will be bringing the hugely popular Photoshop Touch, that has until now only been available on the Apple iPad devices, to specific iOS 6 and Android running devices which means a host of smartphones will be able to but the on the move editing tools.

The application brings a host of the Adobe Photoshop features to your smartphone so that you can edit pictures on the move, this includes layer editing on images up to 12 megapixels in size, adjusting the image filters, tone and colour adjustments and more.

Additionally the app will come with 2GB of free Adobe Creative Cloud storage to sync images to which means you will then be able to sync you edits with your other adobe devices (whether it be a PC or tablet edit) with other devices and pick up where you left off on you home PC.

So if you are in a super rush you can do some light editing of and image on the train and do the heavy duty finishing touches when you get back to your PC all via the Adobe Creative Cloud storage sync.

It’s easy to see why the demand of the smartphone version of the Adobe Photoshop Touch is out now with Smartphones getting smarter, faster and in many cases bigger (the Galaxy Note 2 is practically a Tablet!) it’s clear we are using more and more of our handsets features that cross over with the PC.

Adobe’s vice-president products, creative and media solutions Winston Hendrickson spoke of the phone versions release today:

“Mobile phones are increasingly becoming the primary tool for people to take and edit photos”

“Adobe is dedicated to serving our customers’ evolving creative workflow and we heard, loud and clear, that Photoshop fans wanted some core Adobe imaging magic on their smartphones.”

So there we have it, we made noise about wanting to edit on the move with Smartphones, and now we have it.

You can buy Photoshop Touch for Phone app on the Google Play store and Apple App store for a cheap price of £2.99 from today.


Instagram Reaches 100-Million Monthly Activations

Instagram creator Kevin Systrom has revealed that the photo-sharing and social software has now surpassed 100-million monthly activations across gadgets running both Android and Apple iOS operating systems. This is a massive number of users. Most instagram followers enjoy liking and checking out the content of their peers, friends, and influencers share.

Breaking the news of this impressive milestone on the Facebook-owned company’s blog, Systrom proudly speaks of this being not only “an accomplishment for the company” but also “an accomplishment for the community”. Instagram has upped its activity by a further 10-million user accounts set-up than in the previous month.

It’s also been reported that over 40-million snaps are shared every day complete with a range of available effects and filters and in the past two and a half year a legion of dedicated daily users have been uploading photos of everything and anything from Kathryn Mahoney’s inspiring shots of refugee camps of Southern Sudan to David West’s latest ‘selfie’.

This growth was almost scuppered following the acquisition by Facebook when changes were made to the Instagram Terms of Use. These changes essentially meant that third party companies would be permitted to buy photos shared via the app without the account holders own permission. The outcry from followers looked threatening to Instagram, but the report today clearly shows that despite the initial upset this is not the case and business is still booming for the hipster pic community.

Despite Instagram having this many account activations, it’s still surprising that the app is still without some of the features that other popular social media platforms have. One of the main features that Instagram lacks is the ability to direct message from other devices, such as a laptop. For now, this issue can be solved by using another application that allows you to engage with instagram messages online on computers. However, with this many people using the app, you’d have thought that they would’ve looked into making direct messaging more accessible. That hasn’t stopped many people from using the app though.

Instagram is available on Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for Apple iPhone and iPad.

The BBC brings its BBC Sports app to Android smartphones and tablets

The BBC has at long last brought its BBC Sport app to Android, launching on Apple’s iOS platform last month.
Now available to download for free from the Play Store, BBC Sport for Android is compatible with both smartphones and tablets, with support for the latter being for 7-inch screen sizes only. That’ll mean it will play nicely with the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Tab 7.0, but nothing bigger unfortunately.
In comparison the Android version seems a little more basic than the iPhone one, with fewer options to tailor content and how the app works to suit you, the user.
The main page collates sports news in a list, rolling from the top stories through to latest scores and results, latest news, video and audio snippets, sporting gossip and finally radio coverage.
You get a menu icon in the top left, which can also be accessed by swiping from the left edge of the screen towards the centre. This reveals quick access to specific sports news, news by country, settings and more.
Each sport page is designed to offer you the events calendar, results and fixtures and live scores, followed by the news. It’s all well laid out and easy to use, with no overly complicated buttons or hard to find functions.
BBC Sport is available to download from the Play Store now – although it’s worth noting that our ‘BBC Sport’ search didn’t find the app, but a ‘BBC’ search did.

Skype adds Video Messages feature on iPhone, Android and Mac

Skype has today introduced a new feature called Video Messages, which allows users to pre-record short video snippets of themselves and send them on to friends and family around the world.

Strangely, the service launches on iPhone, Android and Mac, but not Windows. That’s right – Microsoft-owned Skype’s latest feature won’t be available on Windows PCs just yet, nor on Windows Phone.

Oddities aside, the new feature works pretty nicely from our few short tests. Any user can do it on a regular Skype account, with the latest app update required on iPhone and Android and the v6.2.0.1117 version on Mac to get at the new feature.

On Mac you’ll find the “Send Video Message” option tucked away in the Conversations menu. Open that up and you’ll get a simple video feed of yourself along with record, cancel and send message buttons. Each video can be up to 3 minutes in length, so you’ll be able to get plenty in, unless you’re a bit of a rambler.

As for the iOS and Android mobile apps, the Video Message option can be found by selecting a contact and then tapping ‘More’. Both the iOS and Android apps feature the option to switch camera, so you have the choice of recording yourself or shooting a quick video to share, which we think is pretty awesome.

There’s no word on the feature will come to Skype for Windows and Windows Phone, but hopefully it won’t be far off.

New App Available – Mr Write

AppDevelopersUk have just published an app called Mr Write. Published on the AppStore on 25th January 2013, the app is out just in time for the Valentine’s day celebrations. The aim of the app is to let couples check their compatibility and chances of a successful relationship. It’s fun and simple to use. The app is also set to feature on The Tony Blackburn on Monday 4th Feb at 11am BBC Radio Berkshire –where one of the creators will be doing a live reading of Tony’s writing!

The app has be released on the App store and could answer a lot of those niggling doubts for existing couples or prospective lovers all over the world. An Android version is coming very soon.