Bird Track App released on iPhone


Bird Track App released on iPhone

BirdTrack app

Bird Track  is released on iPhone by App Developers UK. This is a beautiful  and highly rated bird watching app organised by the British Trust for Ornithology. The purpose of the app is to collect lists and casual records for BirdTrack users within the UK and Ireland. Records can be collected offline, and then verified and uploaded later, when convenient. GPS integration included and helpful recent local species & location hotspot viewers make this a useful app for any birdwatcher in the UK and Ireland.Bird Track App released on iPhone

This is a great app for all those who love to track the movements of birds. The data is posted to a powerful database which provides information for the user on the patterns of movements of different bird species. Take a look at the BTO website for details.Alternatively check out the app on iTunes.

Scanning the BTO twitter feed makes it clear that the app is being very well received by the BTO community of birdwatchers. Already tens of thousands of sightings have been logged through the app and these in turn are registering on the database so that all twitchers can get instant feedback from all points of the United Kingdom.

Tumblr Website and App Now Used by Over 100 Million Micro-Bloggers

Tumblr has reached a massive milestone with the image-sharing, socially-connected website now providing a platform for over 100 million bloggers to have their voices heard and creativity seen via the World Wide Web.

Since the Tumblr site’s launch in 2007 those 100 million users have made 44.6 billion blog posts, from to wonderful to the weird with thousands of giggly-worthy gifs to some awesome original artwork shared on a daily basis. Pictures can be accompanied by a small description or ‘micro-blog’ and tagging is used to generate a social buzz online.

As well as the popular website Tumblr has apps and mobile platforms for Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry smartphones increasing the accessibility for all gadget users and has helped Tumblr become one of the top most frequented sites.

Tumblr has however been criticised for it liberalness and lack of content control and still allows users to share risqué and graphic images. The reblogging of copyrighted images has also caused friction between the company of 167 just employees and a number of mainstream creative studios.

What we know is that Tumblr can provide hours of distraction and is easy to get lost in with the masses of new content uploaded every day!

Indoor Mapping, a Step in the Right Direction?

Who doesn’t love Google maps and especially Street View? Well, now its looking increasingly likely that for those of us challenged with finding our way around large buildings, the mapping technologies we have come to rely on by and large are going to be applied to the internal corridors, rooms and cupboards of our buildings. Teacher’s note, no more excuses for being late to double history with the dreaded fourth form.

Up to now the variable signal strength has curtailed any rush towards mapping inside buildings but now a new technology could bring this feature to iPhones. The technology has already been applied in small measure by Google who have provided floor plan based internal mapping since the same technology was applied in 2011, for an example of this all you need to do is look at somewhere like Badger Maps. But now that Apple has acquired WifiSLAM, the inventors of this technology, it seems likely that internal mapping may be available on a wider basis in the not too distant future.

Here at app developers we have been scratching our heads to try to think of the most useful application of this sort of mapping. Ever been at an airport of train station, running late, where’s the check in for Malaga!? Well this mapping feature could really be useful in that sort of situation especially if you find yourself in a place where the native language is a barrier to rapid navigation through a huge concourse. Similarly, train stations, tube stations and other public spaces could soon be easily navigable using these maps.

But thinking laterally for a moment, is this a good thing? What about the excitement, the mystery and the unpredictability of life’s little navigation challenges? How much do we really need to be led by the hand…err by the app or map? The application of technology is fantastic and can help in some situations but having an ever present aid like this can make monkeys out of some of us. Take the irresistible Sat Nav for example. It used to be the case that we would reach for a map, even that ten year out of date one from the petrol station would do the job, maybe adding a few extra miles to the journey where new roads have appeared, but at least we engaged our brains and got ourselves across town, cities and continents without so much as a bleep from anything electronic. Nowadays it’s almost a given that you use a sat nave to take you from home down to the local take away. Our brains have disengaged with map reading and geography whilst our spatial, distance calculating functions atrophy under the smothering embraces of Sat Nave turn by turn guides.

What next? Google mapping of the route from the front door to the garden?

Onwards and upwards…or sideways?

Receipt Catcher Pro: Independent Review

App Developers UK are always glad to hear about reviews of apps we have created. Receipt Catcher Pro, created by App Developers UK on behalf of DNA Apps has been getting some great reviews and we though we would re publish just one of these for our readers. Guest writer,  has written from an American perspective as you can read below.

Keeping track of receipts is not my forte. They inevitably end up at the bottom of my purse, crumpled in the washing machine or in the trash can. I often run through the house like a mad woman to find these receipts when it comes time for taxes, returning an item or keeping track of my expenses.

Receipt Catcher Pro is one of hundreds if not thousands of receipt apps that are available to help users like me keep track of those little pesky pieces of paper. What I like the most is that an account isn’t required. When the app is launched, users can immediately begin capturing, viewing and exporting receipts. Capturing a receipt is as simple as entering a few details and taking a quick snapshot. Pictures of receipts can then be cropped directly within the app.

When it’s time to find a receipt, just tap on the View Receipts button on the main page to sort them by year, month, type, category and vendor. Receipts can be deleted, edited and searched for with minimal effort.

Not only can users view their receipts on the iPhone, but they can also export them as PDF or .CSV files to print or email. This makes it easy to keep track of not only the actual receipts but all the expense details as well.

Additional features that make Receipt Catcher Pro stand out from its competitors are the ability to fit images to a standard letter page, no extra charges or fees when exporting expenses in PDF or .CSV, a database that is backedup in iCloud to share with other devices, an option to hide fields that aren’t used and a currency converter.

I was surprised by the available options, but I do wish it was a little easier to navigate. The user manual is a lengthy PDF files that requires quite a bit of reading and the settings options are actually located on the iPhone instead of within the app itself. One other improvement that would make the app better is an interface makeover. Although there are a ton of great features and its functional, the app just doesn’t look exciting. Adding a customization option like changing the background color may help give it an extra boost.

Receipt Catcher Pro is staying on my home screen. It has all the features that I need and it doesn’t have any hidden expenses. If the price seems a little steep, there’s a cheaper version available for $0.99 for those who can do without the option to add a company logo to the PDF output or add a custom exchange rate to the currency converter. There’s always the option to upgrade later, which makes the basic version a dollar well worth spending.

Facebook Messenger Users in U.K Get Free Calls with Apple iOS App

Got an Apple device, a Facebook account and a friend? Then you can benefit from the social site’s latest update for its Messenger app – as from today voice and video calls across UK based iOS devices becomes completely cost-free!

Facebook’s free face-to-face chat platform has been free to use in the States since earlier in the year and we’ve been waiting eagerly for two months for this news to arrive for users over here. To get free calls you will need to have the most up to date Facebook Messenger app installed on your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and you’ll find the ‘i’ button appearing with your Messenger contacts is they are eligible to take or make a call. Hitting ‘free call’ will give you just that and you can now enjoy VOIP chatting with friends in the UK, USA and Canada without paying a penny.

The Facebook app also updates to offer push notifications, allows callers to leave a message in a voicemail feature and the quality of the calls is said to be on a level with market leader Skype. It’s available to try now by updating or new users can download the Messenger app from the App Store.

Will 2013 prove to be the year of the Watch?

iWatch conceptWill 2013 prove to be the year of the Watch? Wrist watch wearing just got sexier. Google and Apple, are putting in extra time on their timepiece / mobile communications devices i.e. a watch. But these are likely to be more than a mere watch, it’s a “smart watch” incorporating a mobile phone and a camera and …well the truth is…… we don’t know what else. It’s a closely guarded secret and one which is set to throw open a whole new consumer battleground if the big players get their way. The emergence of ‘smart watches’ is quite the emergence in the timekeeping industry, and while they are sure to cause a shake up in the fashion choices of many Apple enthusiasts, products sold by businesses like WatchShopping are not expected to lose too much popularity.

The Apple iWatch is to be joined in the rush for domination by the Google offering, so far we have no name, can you think of any good names for this new line in consumer timekeeping devices? let us know!

We already know about the wearable computer accessory Google glasses, but now it seems that the concept of wearing computers will be extended. What next iSocks? The thing about a smart watch is that it is likely to be more discreet that the super hero style glasses. That is until you start using it to answer calls when talking to your wrist may be a little bit unusual until the device goes mainstream.

Chances are that the marketing moguls are hard at it coming up with a slick campaign that ensures these new devices are ranking highly in this years Christmas gift lists. If, like us, you have a burning interest in this new movement of watch fashion then it might be worth checking out the best smart watches out there, as the competition in this field continues to hot up.

No one yet knows exactly what these will look like or how they will integrate with other devices but if we think about the great styling and superb design efforts from both these giants of technology over the past years we expect a whole raft of possibilities to be coming our way.

Time has finally caught up with the dear old ticking wristwatch. For years it’s been doing its job perfectly well, not getting in the way, no mess no fuss and only the occasional battery swap or mechanical rewind (now, that is class) required. Now it seems that time waits for no watch (sorry) and the days of such simple mono functioning devices is drawing to a close.

WhatsApp for iOS changing to annual subscription fee

What's App for iOS changing to annual subscription fee

WhatsApp for the Apple iOS platform will be getting a slight change in the coming weeks as the cross platform messaging service will be going from its current flat fee download charge to the more standardised Annual payment system that is used by other platforms.

WhatsApp has historically been available on the Apple App store for iOS for a small nominal fee of £0.69 and from then onwards it has been free but with the explosion of the app on other platforms including Windows Phone 8 OS and android the app is now going to follow on with the Annual pricing system.

All other OS users get access to the WhatsApp messenger free for the first year of service (this is when you build up contacts and messages with your friends) then after this time the service goes to a yearly subscription for just 0.69p.

As anyone who uses the service will attest it is well worth the meager 69p that it costs for the annual subscription as the Messenger allows you to send free messages, Images and videos across the world and to all platforms free of charge.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum has reportedly revealed the change in iOS price plans to a Dutch journalist Alexander Klöpping, saying that while the company is relaxed on exact dates, the switch is definitely on the 2013 road map.

Koum also stated that the new pricing will only happen for new users so if you’ve already downloaded WhatsApp on iOS, you won’t need to pay for the annual premium. One could imagine it could be pretty hard to keep track of the users that require to spend the annual fee, against those who don’t – but with technology forever improving there are many software solutions available that could make this easier, for example, this management service from FastSpring could help in managing subscriptions, so there shouldn’t be any mishaps in having to pay a fee you’re not required to.

No reasons were stated over the pricing change but it makes sense to streamline and bring all of the pricing’s for all OS’s into one line.

Source: TechCrunch

Download: WhatsApp



Skype Updated on Windows Phone 8 – Reinstates Social Hub Integration

Microsoft has announced that an upcoming update for its Skype app for Windows Phone 8 will land this week bringing a number of amendments and restoring the People Hub integration which was recently suspended on pocket gadgets such as the Nokia Lumia 920.

A direct connection from Skype to the People Hub on Windows Phone was dropped in the January update meaning that users couldn’t initiate Skype calls or send messages from their contacts list and had to depend on the main app being open. Many people chose to use another service at this time, such as However, the two months of down time has been so that Microsoft can fix some stability problems affecting use of this feature but now they are ready to reinstate it in this latest revision.

Elsewhere within the app, Skype introduces the ability to switch between portrait and landscape view when engaged in video calls and face-to-face chat can now be enjoyed in glorious HD.

Skype for Windows Phone 8 can be updated this week provided your currently used OS version is the up-to-date ‘Portico’ build and if you are yet to try the app it’s free to download from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Formula 1 2013 Timing App CP

View of the newest F1 appIf you love Formula 1 racing as many of us at App Developers UK do, then this could be the app to treat yourself to. But this is for the dedicated fan as it doesn’t come cheap at £23.99. With the first race of the season yesterday and a win for team Lotus chalked up, the timing of this new app release couldn’t be better.

If the sector times in P3 are your passion, if you want to have a choice of KMPH or old school MPH, then read on.

Available in for the iPhone or for your Android devices, this app provides a great companion or second screen of information during or after a race weekend. For starters there’s the all-important timing feature which tracks all the events and action car by car giving the user a huge amount of data to absorb, and presumably all whilst the TV display the actual race and commentary. There are small green pop outs giving tit bits of information about a particular car “Button on intermediates” for instance. Or “smoke coming from Alonso’s car through the chicane). All aspects are covered including pit stop statistics and details of what’s happening to the cars as they emit carbon art a highly explosive rate for a couple of hours across the globe.

There are good graphics of the track, driver profiles and statistics to satisfy even the most demanding of you. You can follow individual drivers, get overviews of their positions relative to the rest of the field or compare stats against team mates, its all there in the app, and if sitting on the sofa for 20 weekends of the year, watching the fuel guzzling action is part of your game plan, this could be a great way to enhance the experience. We would love to hear your thoughts on this one so post a comment and let us know.

Launching App Developers UK into Social Networking

We at App Developers UK are constantly focusing on creating the best Apps on the planet but we have recently started to join the social media revolution with our new look website and new Facebook, Twitter an YouTube accounts.

We have setup a new Twitter feeds so you can ask us a question, comment on our work and share some of our news with all of your followers and likewise with the Facebook Page.

On YouTube you can see just what we have created in the past with an extensive look at our App videos on the worlds biggest video sharing website.

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