A short-sighted view of Google Glasses

So, you are in the middle lane of the M25, concentrating on not shunting the car in front and trying to keep calm as someone in a Subaru undertakes you. The radio is telling you in an inappropriately cheerful manner about hold ups on the road ahead and there’s a traffic signal ahead just before a contra flow kicks in, but then… dammit! You have a stream of photos from a boozy night out in your face from your pal, Freddy.
Yes, those state of the art Google Glasses are delivering more information to you to interpret, digest or dismiss and there’s no immediate escape from it even when you are trying to drive the car without crashing it!

Seriously though, how exactly would the latest change in content and communications delivery systems actually work in practice? Would there need to be new laws about using the Google Glass whilst in control of a 2 ton lump of metal, and if so exactly how would these laws be enforced? Would we expect to see courts full of people suing others for negligence? Who is going to pay? Who would defend a case where an accident was precipitated upon the driver having been too busy watching the content pass in front of their eyes courtesy of Google Glass?
Maybe your lawyer would be wearing these Google goggles as they take your brief to keep abreast of other cases or legal updates streaming in on a feed.

And it’s not just on the road where such distractions could be hazardous, the whole idea of walking about with these content delivery mechanisms on your face, pushing email notifications, social network updates and breaking news from around the globe, seems very unnatural and surely if everyone was doing it there would be some serious social consequences.
Tell us your thoughts – would you like it if the love of your life was supposedly in conversation with you but in actuality is only half engaged, as other distractions of one sort or another pass before their eyes? How much of a harder battle for the attention of your nascent teen-age child would you have if they were wearing Google Glass? How much of a head ache, an eye strain of an ear ache would you put up with to be using the latest piece of futuristic tech?
Many could argue that the glasses are a great step forward and a fantastic technical achievement (they are even going to be able to have lenses which match your prescription). Others may share the view that the Google Glass is a long way from a perfect application of technology. What’s your point of view on this?