Introducing: SMS Spin

Our latest app is here! SMS Spin is a fun app for iPhone and Android users with a twist. Ever wanted to break the ice with somebody, or perhaps get a conversation started with something completely random and out of the blue? SMS Spin does just that.

Available on iPhone and Android through the App Store aniOS Simulator Screen shot 15 Mar 2013 16.57.00d Play Store respectively, SMS Spin is a fun app that allows you to play a sort of Russian roulette, but with text messaging. It’s a little different from the experience you’d get on some gambling sites, like v9bet for vietnamese player – this time, the money on the table is your dignity!

Choose low stakes, pick a contact from your phone book and spin the wheel to send a completely random pre-written text message. Watch out for the naughty and embarrassing options though, which could result in some very interesting replies indeed!

Opt for high stakes and things get really interesting. Here you don’t get to pick out a contact to send your random message to – SMS Spin picks somebody from your contacts list completely at random. Combine that with a spin of the wheel to decide which type of text to send and things certainly get interesting. It can be a fun way to learn the basics before heading over to Bonusetu for a monetary prize pool.

When spinning the wheel you’re dicing with random text messages that come under a selection of categories; Funny, Random, Smart, Naughty, Embarrassing and Random. Once the wheel has landed on one of these categories you can choose to send an SMS. Then all that’s left to do is sit back and nervously await a reply!

SMS Spin uses slick casino table-style graphics with gorgeous fonts and a smooth user interface to make the app both simple and a pleasure to use. Thanks to the layout it’s easy to pick up an iPhone or Android phone with SMS Spin loaded and start having fun within seconds. Though, if you want to learn how to play roulette it may be worth brushing up before you dive in. After getting some skills underneath your belt, you may want to check out fun88 casino online and see how much you could win!

Check out SMS Spin in action below and download it from the App Store on iPhone or the Play Store on Android now. A word of warning – don’t go using the high stakes option if you have your boss saved in your contacts book!

Tweetsport rings the changes on its iPhone app

mzl.vzsmhtgy.320x480-75February saw upgrades to the successful Tweetsport free app, created by App Developers UK on behalf of Tweetsport Ltd enabling users to follow the action in real-time with the official accounts of the great and the good players and teams across a range of sports.

Launched in 2011, the 5 star rated app has proved popular with those looking to get the professionals take on current sports events. During the Euros and London Olympics last summer it came into its own as a way to follow all the action. Users like how they can quickly select a sport to follow or get updates on all the action at once wherever they are.


This recent release saw changes to bring the layout and user experience in-line with Twitter guidelines for those applications which feature its content.

The announcement in August 2012 has led to some popular apps being withdrawn from market as the changes restricted their scope to grow. Tweetsport was not impacted by these restrictions to the API but it did have to change the format of the timelines it displays. The unforeseen work did however prove beneficial, with the redesign of the Tweetsport app actually allowed for a much simpler product by making use of the new Twitter Web Intents features.

Players, teams and journalists have embraced social media and many stories now break on the platform sp its where to get your news first. With Tweetsport you get the controversial, entertaining and downright silly in sport, all with a single click. Check it out. its Free on the appstore.


Hitachi Air Conditioning App is released by App Developers UK

mzl.qwqyqegm.320x480-75Hitachi Air Conditioning App is released by App Developers UK. Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe has developed in collaboration with a free App which will provide service engineers with fast, easy access to alarm codes and their meanings – even if you’re not familiar with Hitachi’s equipment.

What does it do?

•Simple and fast product alarm code identification tool for air conditioning, heating and ventilation
•Reduces the need for bulky manuals, all information you need is in the palm of your hand
•Detailed ‘troubleshooting’ flowcharts
•Access information 24/7, making diagnosing problems much easier – even for those not familiar with Hitachi equipment.
•Helps service engineers to diagnose the problem and resolve things quickly, saving both time and money.
•Makes finding answers when you’re on site or doing repairs and maintenance much more straightforward.
•Quick diagnosis and resolution of problems, enables service engineers to provide a satisfying outcome for their customers.
•Attach the technical sheet to an email or add to favourites for one tap easy access later on
•Hitachi helpline information available in a few taps
•Keep up-to-date with Hitachi news using the links to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
•Available in a number of different languages

This application is fully supported for iOS versions 4 and 5 and Android.

Why not download it here – from Appstore or here from Google Play

Or view the video here –



Apple iPad 5th gen coming in April and iPhone 5s and iPad Mini 2 due September?

Now we all know that Apple will be launching another brand new Apple iPad and iPhone this year and it’s a safe bet to say that they will be releasing the latest Table in its range in the next couple of months as whilst Apple are a very secretive company they are also pretty punctual and habitual. What this means is that we can expect a new Apple iPad soon followed by a new iPhone variant later in the year and today a report states that soon could be as close as April.

Tech website iMore is reporting that sources familiar with the plans have told them that the rumoured next iteration of the iPhone, the 5S does will include the same basic design as the iPhone 5 but it will be an incremental step up with a more advanced processor and an improved camera.

Additionally the report states that Apple will be releasing the next Apple iPad around April with a full next generation of iPad coming to stores. This could mean a new design overhaul, that could bring the iPad line-up in line with the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini’s design.

Speaking of the iPad Mini it will probably be later on in the year till we see another version of the smaller (but just as powerful) iPad, but this time the version 2 will probably come equipped with Apples Retina Display technology and a bump in specifications.

The Apple iPad Mini is expected to launch alongside the next iteration of the iPhone around September time.

We can expect the rumour mill to really kick up a gear in the coming months with leaked images and specifications almost guaranteed before the launch of the iPad 5th Generation, but only time will tell if Apple can launch something truly new.

We at App Developers UK love Apple products but we also want Apple to step up and innovate the App and smartphone field with some new features and software to truly move smartphone and tablet technology forward.

Instagram Reaches 100-Million Monthly Activations

Instagram creator Kevin Systrom has revealed that the photo-sharing and social software has now surpassed 100-million monthly activations across gadgets running both Android and Apple iOS operating systems. This is a massive number of users. Most instagram followers enjoy liking and checking out the content of their peers, friends, and influencers share.

Breaking the news of this impressive milestone on the Facebook-owned company’s blog, Systrom proudly speaks of this being not only “an accomplishment for the company” but also “an accomplishment for the community”. Instagram has upped its activity by a further 10-million user accounts set-up than in the previous month.

It’s also been reported that over 40-million snaps are shared every day complete with a range of available effects and filters and in the past two and a half year a legion of dedicated daily users have been uploading photos of everything and anything from Kathryn Mahoney’s inspiring shots of refugee camps of Southern Sudan to David West’s latest ‘selfie’.

This growth was almost scuppered following the acquisition by Facebook when changes were made to the Instagram Terms of Use. These changes essentially meant that third party companies would be permitted to buy photos shared via the app without the account holders own permission. The outcry from followers looked threatening to Instagram, but the report today clearly shows that despite the initial upset this is not the case and business is still booming for the hipster pic community.

Despite Instagram having this many account activations, it’s still surprising that the app is still without some of the features that other popular social media platforms have. One of the main features that Instagram lacks is the ability to direct message from other devices, such as a laptop. For now, this issue can be solved by using another application that allows you to engage with instagram messages online on computers. However, with this many people using the app, you’d have thought that they would’ve looked into making direct messaging more accessible. That hasn’t stopped many people from using the app though.

Instagram is available on Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for Apple iPhone and iPad.

The BBC brings its BBC Sports app to Android smartphones and tablets

The BBC has at long last brought its BBC Sport app to Android, launching on Apple’s iOS platform last month.
Now available to download for free from the Play Store, BBC Sport for Android is compatible with both smartphones and tablets, with support for the latter being for 7-inch screen sizes only. That’ll mean it will play nicely with the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Tab 7.0, but nothing bigger unfortunately.
In comparison the Android version seems a little more basic than the iPhone one, with fewer options to tailor content and how the app works to suit you, the user.
The main page collates sports news in a list, rolling from the top stories through to latest scores and results, latest news, video and audio snippets, sporting gossip and finally radio coverage.
You get a menu icon in the top left, which can also be accessed by swiping from the left edge of the screen towards the centre. This reveals quick access to specific sports news, news by country, settings and more.
Each sport page is designed to offer you the events calendar, results and fixtures and live scores, followed by the news. It’s all well laid out and easy to use, with no overly complicated buttons or hard to find functions.
BBC Sport is available to download from the Play Store now – although it’s worth noting that our ‘BBC Sport’ search didn’t find the app, but a ‘BBC’ search did.