5 Best Camera Apps

Phones are a wonderful thing that many of us cannot possibly fathom being without. They are always with us in our purses, pockets and hands. We use the camera on our phones for anything and everything. For selfies, which have become a right of passage and life style incorporated in songs and a favourite occurrence on twitter and Facebook. To pictures of our dinner, family pictures, the mountains and beach and every other thing in-between.

Our phones are consistently being updated with the camera being a main focus for many. We aren’t always satisfied with the simple picture in the way it was taken. Instagram really spearheaded the fad of filters and editing that has simply expanded and grown since. Take a look below at the top 5 camera apps available on iTunes today!

1. Facetune   But first… let me take a selfie! “A fun and powerful portrait and selfie photo editor” We now have the ultimate selfie editor! You can correct blemishes, spots or scars on the skin to make it perfect. Or you can give yourself white teeth. It gives you the capability to retouch and add artistic flair to selfies and portraits easily.pic1

2. Afterlight  “Perfect image editing app for quick and straight forward editing” It has 15 adjustment tools, 59 filters, 66 different textures along with cropping, transforming tools, and 128 different types of frames to add and edit your photo with! Just as it says, it is wonderfully simply and straight forward for anyone to use and play around with.pic2

3.Camera+  Over 10 million people are using Camera+. “If the iPhone’s standard camera is like a digital point and shoot, the Camera+ app is like a high quality SLR lends”—TIME: 50 Best iPhone Apps 2011. This app will make you truly love taking photos again. Touch Exposure and Focus, up to a 6x digital zoom, front flash, levels, and many different shooting modes you will easily be able to take marvellous photos. On top of that there is a clarity setting that analyses your photos, scene modes, effects, and Lightbox to help make the mood you are wanting. Camera+ is also making it easy to keep sync with your other devices! Finishing touches are available with borders and captions as well.


4. Party Party    We all love a good party pic! “More than your own personal photo booth” This app has taken to a new level to photos to having stop motion animation. Allowing you to adjust the speed, save as a looping video for vine or Instagram or save as a .gif file for blogs, tubmlrs or websites. You can move them into square collages or the classic layout of a strip. There are only 17 filter and 9 frames but the main focus of Party Party is the stop animation that we just can’t seem to get enough of!


5. Faded   Faded has won the endorsement of many, “The best photo app on the iPhone is Faded” by John Mayer. Specializing in film inspired looks, it includes 46 filters, 12 profession adjustments, various effects, camera tools, and overlays. It also keeps your history so that you can always revert back at any point.


Apps are constantly being updated as well. They are adding more features and easing the process. As well as they all have the handy sharing feature to all popular social media sites that we know, love and spending the majority of our time on. Making it easy and convenient to share photos of your latest adventure, food consumption or best mate.

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Attention all Gadget Thiefs!

What is the last thing you look at before going to bed and the first thing you wearily gaze at in the morning? For a growing number of people it is their smartphone. Smart phones are now engrained in society with 7 out of 10 people owning them. Phones are now an extension of ourselves, holding our pictures, music, contact details, and apps. So imagine having your precious device lost or worse yet stolen.  Until recently a stolen smart phone was a very easy thing to sell on, there’re expensive, portable and in high demand.  Now authorities are catching up with the thieves.

Authorities from around the world have put imagespressure on Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Apple to add a “kill switch” to all devices.  Apple and Samsung devices have already implemented this function and it has been proven that it works. In the first 5 months of this functionality the number of reported thefts of iPhone’s in London dropped by 24%.

These are known as “hard Kill Devices” meaning once activated the phone essentially becomes worthless.  “An activated kill switch converts an easy-to-sell, high-value multimedia device into a jumble of plastic and glass, drastically reducing its street value.” said the report by New York Attorney General.

With 3 million smartphones stolen each year it has become a multi billion pound monster.  This type of functionality is long overdue.  Organised crime routinely target phones as a mean for income since it often is more valuable than people’s wallets or purses. “Almost a third of US robberies involve phone theft.”  There are however concerns over people hacking this functionality being used by malicious hackers remotely deactivating peoples phones and the mill switch can be avoided by putting the phone into air-plane mode.  Other critics state that this will only work for the phones as a complete piece, not stripping down the phone for parts.

With technology advancing all the time, phones get better and better and we are storing more of our lives in them. So it is about time that we take phone security more seriously and develop phones with security systems already installed in the device and not have to rely on third party apps that could potentially be a security risk.

Microsoft plans on rolling out anAntiTheft-e1330012035815 update including this lock by July 2015 and Google has said they will implement Activation Lock on all new devices manufactured and in the next major Android update all phones running the most current OS will be protected. With all the major players in the phone industry agreeing to this it is calculated that 97% of the smartphone market place will be protected by a kill switch resulting in a huge loss to crime around the world.


Top 7 gadgets to increase home office productivity

Anyone who has tried to work from home, or who works from home on a regular basis knows how important the right home office set-up is. Setting up your home office correctly can mean the difference between productivity and procrastination. So, what are the gadgets you need to ensure productivity in your home office? You can visit iinet at iiNet.com.au to discover how to get the most out of your mobile devices.


One of the most significant gadgets in your home office will be your computer. Your computer should allow you to perform all the tasks you need to do at home, and it should be compatible with all the software you require. If you need portability, consider a laptop or netbook (which can be used with a monitor at home). And of course, make sure your internet connection is up to scratch as well.

Wireless Mouse

For some, a standard mouse is good enough. For those who want more, the Apple Magic Mouse could be a good option. It is wireless, it allows you to scroll in any direction, and it is multi-functional. As the Magic Mouse is battery-powered, it’s also a good idea to invest in rechargeable batteries and a charger. The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX is another possible option. Wrist health is important if you regularly use your mouse for work. Incorrect usage can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome which can be painful and inhibit your grip. Don’t forget to get one of the Best Mouse Pads with Wrist Support while using your wireless mouse to keep your wrists in good shape.


Again, a standard keyboard is good enough for most jobs. However, comfort is also a factor, so you should choose a keyboard that is comfortable and gives you the functionality you need. There are various wireless keyboards, such as the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 (handily solar powered), or the Apple Wireless Keyboard, which is a Bluetooth-based chiclet keyboard.


Whether you need a printer will depend on your role, however, having a printer around is always useful. There are loads of different types of printers that you could get. If you want a simple, easy to use printer then you could check out something like the Ricoh Printers, or you could think about getting a multi-function printer such as the HP eStation printer, which allows for web browsing, printing, faxing without a phone line, copying and scanning. The detachable 7-inch touchscreen is pretty handy too.


If you need to videoconference to stay in touch, it’s a good idea to invest in a good camera. If you are using a laptop, it may be fitted with a good camera, or if you are videoconferencing on the move, the camera on your smartphone should do the job. If you are looking for a camera for your home computer, check out the FV TouchCam E1 or the Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam.


Backing up your work is essential, so it’s important to find a storage solution that is reliable and secure. Try using a standard external hard drive, or for a more secure option try the Aegis Padlock Secure Drive with internal encryption and external PIN keypad. Alternatively, you could store your work in the cloud. Again, choose a cloud provider that is reliable and secure.

Some laptops come with security in mind (such as those seen here), and this can give you a head-start on the battle to secure your personal and financial life.


Communication is essential in business. Choose a phone that allows you to communicate on all required levels, such as email, social media, videoconference and of course, talk. While a smartphone is the go-to option for most people, a landline could be useful as well.

Additional Extras

These additions probably aren’t essential for everyone’s home office, but they can be handy!

  • Try out salesforce app integrations. This isn’t a gadget as such but is still tech related and extremely helpful to you because increases anything from your productivity to marketing to collaboration and beyond.

  • Cancel out unwanted sounds with noise-cancelling earphones such as Bose QuietComfort 15.

  • If you prefer some background noise, check out Coffitivity – a site that allows you to stream the quiet, comforting sounds of a coffee shop.

  • Need a Dictaphone, portable storage drive, music player and pen in one? Try the Echo Smartpen.

  • Coffee machine. Enough said.

MWC 2013 Mobile Security: Key Points

mobile world congressSecurity was a big theme at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Every major name was in attendance, touting their latest innovations for smartphones and tablets. But aside from promoting their products there were some very interesting points being made about the current state of mobile security around the world.

Users don’t understand mobile security

This was one point made over and over by everyone we spoke to: a lack of awareness is allowing mobile viruses to propagate and opening users up to dangerous security breaches.

It took years for computer owners to understand that they needed to have anti-virus and that you shouldn’t just go clicking every attachment found in an email, and unfortunately mobile security right now is in the same state as PCs in the mid-90s.

It’s no secret that the majority of mobile phone users also connect their devices to their home wireless networks. For example provided someone has an ISP like Eatel internet, it’s far more cost effective and convenient to use WiFi for texts and calls. This does however open up devices to certain vulnerabilities which is why it’s so important to use a reputable provider.

Too many people are surprised to discover that anti-virus is even a possibility on a mobile phone, and users will blindly trust apps without taking the time to check permissions. Many don’t even have a PIN code or password protecting their phone – Norton Antivirus thinks this could be around 35% of users, but McAfee estimates it might be as high as 50%.

Security companies are trying to educate (of course, they want to sell software) but manufacturers could do a lot more to raise awareness.

Android is the most popular target for viruses

Android is, unfortunately, the mobile platform most under threat from viruses and hackers. There are two main reasons for this. Android is, unfortunately, the mobile platform most under threat from viruses and hacking. Even apps themselves are under threat from would-be hackers. This is why developers should consider penetration testing cost to ensure that the vulnerabilities in their applications have been identified so that they can be addressed.

First is popularity. Last year alone 144 million Android-powered devices were sold all over the world (compared to 43 million iPhones). That’s a huge, tempting target for nefarious types who want to create the biggest impact. And with so many of these Android phones being sold in developing countries or to kids and smartphone newcomers, the victims are more likely to fall prey to their tricks.

Secondly, Android is a much easier target. It’s not that it has a significantly higher number of exploits than other platforms, but its focus on openness and freedom means virus writers have other options for getting their malware onto an Android phone. Which leads to our next point…


Piracy and unofficial app stores pose a huge threat

These are two of the major avenues for distributing Android viruses.

By default an Android device will not allow you to install software from somewhere other than an official source, however this is simply an option in the settings menu. Disable that and you can ‘sideload’ by copying .APK installations to the device memory.

That’s why Android piracy is such an issue, but it doesn’t just pose a problem for developers having their hard work used for free – virus writers like to attach their code to pirated apps then send them out into the wild where they’ll be available on forums, file sharing networks and even pirate app stores. Users just think they’re getting something for free, not realising that there’s an unpleasant surprise hiding in the background.

App stores are another trouble spot. Google Play is the standard app store but there is nothing stopping third parties setting up their own, which is often what happens in places such as India and China where they do not fulfil the requirements for carrying Google Play.

Unfortunately these sources are often poorly curated so it’s very easy for viruses to slip in and end up on the phones and tablets of unwitting users who think they can trust the outlet.

Now this isn’t to say that viruses never appear on the iPhone, but with nothing other than the Apple App Store (and no way to install software) on unmodified iPhones this is not the issue it is with Android.

Author Bio: Matt Powell is the editor for the broadband, smartphone and tablet information site Broadband Genie. You can follow him on Twitter @broadbandgenie

Going Green: Using Apps to get closer to UK Wildlife

Canal and river trust

With spring apparently so very nearly upon us , here at App developers UK we have been looking at the steady increase in the number of so called “Green Apps”, and in particular those associated with wildlife in the UK.

There is an abundance of identification guides available for purchase and use when you are out and about in the field such as the Collins British Wildlife Guide, the British Tree identification guide (Treeid) and the excellent Bird Songs of Britain and Europe (Chirp).

However you can now do more as apps have now been developed that enable users to become increasingly involved in their passion for the outdoors and wildlife spotting and many of these apps are free of charge!

Using the already existing GPS capabilities of mobile devices you can now record the exact location of what you spot and when, and share it on a publically available national database in map format for all to see.

In this way people with shared wildlife interests from around the UK are contributing to environmental research and study as they go about their everyday interests and hobbies.

Take a look at free examples such as the Canal & River Trust’s eNatureWatch app, BirdTrack – organised by British Trust for Ornithology, Wildlife or PlantTracker app from The Environment Agency and Bristol University.

With a seemingly endless supply of motivated helpers armed with mobile devices and willing to download and use such apps, organizations and charities have found a cost effective way to collect important wildlife data that would have previously taken much longer to collate and analyze.

Here at App Developers UK we are interested in the use of Green apps (and have even created a few ourselves!) and we would love to know your thoughts and experiences of these apps and in particular if you have ideas of developing your own.

Drop us a line at enquiries@appdevelopersuk.com

Receipt Catcher Pro: Independent Review

App Developers UK are always glad to hear about reviews of apps we have created. Receipt Catcher Pro, created by App Developers UK on behalf of DNA Apps has been getting some great reviews and we though we would re publish just one of these for our readers. Guest writer,  has written from an American perspective as you can read below.

Keeping track of receipts is not my forte. They inevitably end up at the bottom of my purse, crumpled in the washing machine or in the trash can. I often run through the house like a mad woman to find these receipts when it comes time for taxes, returning an item or keeping track of my expenses.

Receipt Catcher Pro is one of hundreds if not thousands of receipt apps that are available to help users like me keep track of those little pesky pieces of paper. What I like the most is that an account isn’t required. When the app is launched, users can immediately begin capturing, viewing and exporting receipts. Capturing a receipt is as simple as entering a few details and taking a quick snapshot. Pictures of receipts can then be cropped directly within the app.

When it’s time to find a receipt, just tap on the View Receipts button on the main page to sort them by year, month, type, category and vendor. Receipts can be deleted, edited and searched for with minimal effort.

Not only can users view their receipts on the iPhone, but they can also export them as PDF or .CSV files to print or email. This makes it easy to keep track of not only the actual receipts but all the expense details as well.

Additional features that make Receipt Catcher Pro stand out from its competitors are the ability to fit images to a standard letter page, no extra charges or fees when exporting expenses in PDF or .CSV, a database that is backedup in iCloud to share with other devices, an option to hide fields that aren’t used and a currency converter.

I was surprised by the available options, but I do wish it was a little easier to navigate. The user manual is a lengthy PDF files that requires quite a bit of reading and the settings options are actually located on the iPhone instead of within the app itself. One other improvement that would make the app better is an interface makeover. Although there are a ton of great features and its functional, the app just doesn’t look exciting. Adding a customization option like changing the background color may help give it an extra boost.

Receipt Catcher Pro is staying on my home screen. It has all the features that I need and it doesn’t have any hidden expenses. If the price seems a little steep, there’s a cheaper version available for $0.99 for those who can do without the option to add a company logo to the PDF output or add a custom exchange rate to the currency converter. There’s always the option to upgrade later, which makes the basic version a dollar well worth spending.

Look No Words: The Worldwide Pocket Picture Translator

Look No Words: The Worldwide Pocket Picture Translator has been recently updated, the “Look No Words”, mobile phone app was very well received at the Holiday and Leisure Show, at the Cruise Terminal at the Port of Dover in Kent, earlier this month, and at a similar Exhibition at Manston Airport, also in Kent.

 Cruise passengers were particularly impressed, because instead of having to buy loads of phrasebooks, (which can be costly!) for all the various countries they visited, those people who had no interest in learning new languages, only had to download “Look No Words”, (for 69 pence!) and they could at least make themselves understood, no matter what country they found themselves in!

As regular readers will know,” Look No Words”, is a canny little mobile phone app, suitable for iPhone and Android smartphones and their various tablets, which has a library of pictures and icons, of commonly needed items, to which users can point, to explain what they want in any country in the world where they don’t speak the language. A brilliant feature of the app, is that the user can add as many pictures of whatever they wish, and insert it in either an existing category, or a new one which they can name.

You can get full details by going now to the website: www.LookNoWords.com or you can find it on the Apple App store or the Google Play store. It also has its own Facebook page.

The general consensus is that this is very practical and GREAT value for only 69 pence!