Tumblr Website and App Now Used by Over 100 Million Micro-Bloggers

Tumblr has reached a massive milestone with the image-sharing, socially-connected website now providing a platform for over 100 million bloggers to have their voices heard and creativity seen via the World Wide Web.

Since the Tumblr site’s launch in 2007 those 100 million users have made 44.6 billion blog posts, from to wonderful to the weird with thousands of giggly-worthy gifs to some awesome original artwork shared on a daily basis. Pictures can be accompanied by a small description or ‘micro-blog’ and tagging is used to generate a social buzz online.

As well as the popular website Tumblr has apps and mobile platforms for Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry smartphones increasing the accessibility for all gadget users and has helped Tumblr become one of the top most frequented sites.

Tumblr has however been criticised for it liberalness and lack of content control and still allows users to share risqué and graphic images. The reblogging of copyrighted images has also caused friction between the company of 167 just employees and a number of mainstream creative studios.

What we know is that Tumblr can provide hours of distraction and is easy to get lost in with the masses of new content uploaded every day!

Facebook Messenger Users in U.K Get Free Calls with Apple iOS App

Got an Apple device, a Facebook account and a friend? Then you can benefit from the social site’s latest update for its Messenger app – as from today voice and video calls across UK based iOS devices becomes completely cost-free!

Facebook’s free face-to-face chat platform has been free to use in the States since earlier in the year and we’ve been waiting eagerly for two months for this news to arrive for users over here. To get free calls you will need to have the most up to date Facebook Messenger app installed on your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and you’ll find the ‘i’ button appearing with your Messenger contacts is they are eligible to take or make a call. Hitting ‘free call’ will give you just that and you can now enjoy VOIP chatting with friends in the UK, USA and Canada without paying a penny.

The Facebook app also updates to offer push notifications, allows callers to leave a message in a voicemail feature and the quality of the calls is said to be on a level with market leader Skype. It’s available to try now by updating or new users can download the Messenger app from the App Store.

Skype Updated on Windows Phone 8 – Reinstates Social Hub Integration

Microsoft has announced that an upcoming update for its Skype app for Windows Phone 8 will land this week bringing a number of amendments and restoring the People Hub integration which was recently suspended on pocket gadgets such as the Nokia Lumia 920.

A direct connection from Skype to the People Hub on Windows Phone was dropped in the January update meaning that users couldn’t initiate Skype calls or send messages from their contacts list and had to depend on the main app being open. Many people chose to use another service at this time, such as Agora.io. However, the two months of down time has been so that Microsoft can fix some stability problems affecting use of this feature but now they are ready to reinstate it in this latest revision.

Elsewhere within the app, Skype introduces the ability to switch between portrait and landscape view when engaged in video calls and face-to-face chat can now be enjoyed in glorious HD.

Skype for Windows Phone 8 can be updated this week provided your currently used OS version is the up-to-date ‘Portico’ build and if you are yet to try the app it’s free to download from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Will Apple’s Next iPad Mini Come in Multiple Colours?

Will Apple’s next iPad Mini to come in multiple colours?

Apple are looking set to step up in the on-going battle of the tablets, as it appears Apple are considering a radical move for the iPad mini market.  Apple are rumoured to be bucking the trend of black and white devices and are set to bring a host of Apple iPad Mini’s in different colours!

Apple knows there is a market for Multi coloured tablets as many non-Apple tablets are already available in funky colours. So the real question: Is Apple about to join the world of multi coloured devices?

We at AppDevelopersUK are not sure either, but it’s arguable that the release of multi coloured iPad Mini’s would dent the brand. Then this could make Apple just another device rather than the mythical pure technical object of desire which has made it such an iconic brand over recent years.

Whatever it does the next generation of iPad Mini’s will apparently be ramping up some of the specifications to include a retina display as part of its improved specs.

This was arguably the biggest gripe most customers have with the iPad Mini si that it didn’t have the aforementioned Retina Display on its first outing, It appears that Apple are now looking to overcome this  shortcoming by investing more into the display, perhaps to appeal to those of us who have already come to expect retina display as standard.

The upgraded iPad Mini with Retina Display and in multiple colours could certainly stimulate a few upgrades from the huge pool of users who already bought into the iPad Mini experience on the first release, and to take away from the ever growing Android Tablet market.

What colours would you like and iPad Mini in, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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