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EE to double the speed of 4G in 10 UK Cities


The UK’s first 4G mobile network EE has today announced that they are putting in place plans to take their already super speedy 4G network speeds and doubling the speediness of the network and its capacity.

The company will be increasing the amount of 1800MHz spectrum it currently allocates to its 4G network, which will effectively double speeds for customers on the LTE network. The company will also be increasing the amount of spectrum used for 4G from the current 10MHz to 20MHz.

EE (who combine T-Mobile and Orange’s networking and coverage) will be bringing the new double speed 4Gto a select group of cities that EE currently cover including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Sheffield by summer of this 2013.

EE are currently the on 4G networking supplier in the UK but with Vodafone and O2 readying their launch of a 4G service later this year, its clear EE are taking their considerable head start and trying to stay on top of the 4G pack.

Our welsh friends in Cardiff will be getting the speed upgrade first as Cardiff speed upgrade will be taking place in the next few weeks and the other major cities will follow suit.

Last Week EE announced that their 4G signal now covers half of the UK with the launch of Thirteen more towns activated for the 4G coverage, so more and more customers now have access to the latest UK network.

This increase in speed will see the Apps and connection we use nearly double and could see in a whole new era of Applications features and connectivity!

WhatsApp for iOS changing to annual subscription fee

What's App for iOS changing to annual subscription fee

WhatsApp for the Apple iOS platform will be getting a slight change in the coming weeks as the cross platform messaging service will be going from its current flat fee download charge to the more standardised Annual payment system that is used by other platforms.

WhatsApp has historically been available on the Apple App store for iOS for a small nominal fee of £0.69 and from then onwards it has been free but with the explosion of the app on other platforms including Windows Phone 8 OS and android the app is now going to follow on with the Annual pricing system.

All other OS users get access to the WhatsApp messenger free for the first year of service (this is when you build up contacts and messages with your friends) then after this time the service goes to a yearly subscription for just 0.69p.

As anyone who uses the service will attest it is well worth the meager 69p that it costs for the annual subscription as the Messenger allows you to send free messages, Images and videos across the world and to all platforms free of charge.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum has reportedly revealed the change in iOS price plans to a Dutch journalist Alexander Klöpping, saying that while the company is relaxed on exact dates, the switch is definitely on the 2013 road map.

Koum also stated that the new pricing will only happen for new users so if you’ve already downloaded WhatsApp on iOS, you won’t need to pay for the annual premium. One could imagine it could be pretty hard to keep track of the users that require to spend the annual fee, against those who don’t – but with technology forever improving there are many software solutions available that could make this easier, for example, this management service from FastSpring could help in managing subscriptions, so there shouldn’t be any mishaps in having to pay a fee you’re not required to.

No reasons were stated over the pricing change but it makes sense to streamline and bring all of the pricing’s for all OS’s into one line.

Source: TechCrunch

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Launching App Developers UK into Social Networking

We at App Developers UK are constantly focusing on creating the best Apps on the planet but we have recently started to join the social media revolution with our new look website and new Facebook, Twitter an YouTube accounts.

We have setup a new Twitter feeds so you can ask us a question, comment on our work and share some of our news with all of your followers and likewise with the Facebook Page.

On YouTube you can see just what we have created in the past with an extensive look at our App videos on the worlds biggest video sharing website.

Check us out using the links below:

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Windows 8 gets its own official Twitter app

Microsoft’s new Windows 8 is still lacking some big name applications in its quest to offer an expansive and varied Store of apps. However, one gap has now been filled with the launch of an official Twitter app. Official apps from Twitter and Facebook are probably near the top of most Windows 8 users’ app wants, and Twitter has beaten Mark Zuckerberg and co. to the punch. As of today you’ll be able to download Twitter for Windows 8, for free, from the Windows 8 Store. As you might expect, the app follows the Windows 8 design ethos, being optimised for use with touchscreen devices like tablets and all-in-one desktops. The overall look is very minimal, with a swipe-out bar on the left giving access to the usual functions like Home, Connect, Discover and Me, and a large area in the centre for scrolling through your feed and expanding on tweets. The app makes the most of the fact that most Windows 8 devices will have large screens – at least 10-inches – and so tweets with attached images expand as you click a tweet to really take advantage of the extra screen real estate. Twitter for Windows 8 may not be ground breaking but it’s a welcome addition to the growing collection of apps on Microsoft’s new platform. If you prefer using apps to websites then this is definitely one to check out.

Al Jazeera Launches News App for Android and BlackBerry 10.

Following a launch on Apple iPad last September news source Al Jazeera has today made available an English version of its mobile news app for Android tablets and BlackBerry 10 gadgets.

The Qatar based satellite news company promises quick access to top news from around the globe and Al Jazeera’s head of mobile media Safdar Mustafa states that the BlackBerry 10 and Android apps were developed separately and take a ‘native approach’ meaning the individual functionality of each platform has been taken into consideration and users will enjoy a unique experience allowing them to dig deeper into interesting articles.

Complementing the immersive coverage of the television station the app will deliver high-quality live streaming with up to the minute videos, audio and ‘big pictures’ which users of larger tablet screens will benefit from most of all. There will be drop down menus available at the touch of a screen and BlackBerry users will also be able to share stories with their pals easily via the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger).

The Al Jazeera English iPad app is set for a spruce up later in the year bringing a new concept and browsing experience.

Original Angry Birds is Now Free on the Apple App Store

The world’s most popular mobile gaming franchise has finally gone free as a bird for Apple gadgets as addictive app Angry Birds is now become available without the 69p expense.

First landing on the Apple App Store over three years ago, the popularity and appeal of the colourful characters sling-shot Finnish developer Rovio’s Angry Birds to the top of the app charts and the game has remained a firm fan favourite through many incarnations including a recent Star Wars tie-in and the feathers have been flying ever since.

But the fun and games had always come with a small cost. Demo versions had been available to download for free with only a few playable levels to try up until today and these have now been removed from the Apple App Store and the full game has been relisted as no cost – the first time since the game left the nest in December 2009. As well as the standard version Apple is also offering up the high definition absolutely free!

Android users have always been able to enjoy Angry Birds for free, albeit ad-supported and ad-free / HD versions of the original and spin-off app games have been chargeable.

Happy 1st Birthday to the Google Play Store

Today marks the first birthday of Google’s Play Store, the digital outlet for apps, music, movies, books and magazines for Android device users.

Believe it or not, Google rebranded what was originally called the Android Market to the Play Store exactly a year ago today. The search engine giant rebranded its digital store to fit with a new strategy which has led to the Play Store Android users are familiar with today.

Since then the Play Store has gone from strength to strength, with numerous additions helping to improve the experience of shopping for apps and other digital content on smartphones and tablets. Google has added in-app subscriptions and aimed to reduce the piracy of apps by introducing encryption to apps, amongst other things.

There are currently over 800,000 applications available in the Play Store, compared to around 450,000 a year ago. Thousands of apps are being added weekly, and it won’t be long before the Play Store catches up and most likely overtakes Apple’s App Store for iOS gadgets in terms of numbers.

To mark the anniversary Google has begun offering discounts in the US and UK, with movies, books and apps available at cut prices. In the UK you can pick up the excellent Plants vs Zombies for 99p or The Bourne Identity for £2.49. Gift cards for the Play Store are also starting to appear in some UK shops, allowing people to give the gift of apps – perhaps the best gift of all!

Mobiroo offers unlimited monthly Android app downloads for a flat-rate subscription

Having a smartphone can be a pretty pricey affair once you factor in app downloads. Of course, there are hundreds of thousands of free apps out there, but purchasing just a couple can often rack up £10 or £20 per month.

Mobiroo is a new service that allows users to pay a monthly subscription and then download as many Android apps as they want. When you consider that many of the top paid apps in the Play Store cost between £1.49 and £9.19, you could end up saving a packet.

With Mobiroo you’ll pay a subscription of $4.99 per month and get unlimited downloads, although at the moment they have a promotion that gets you a $2.49 monthly subscription.

The service provides a standalone app store which the company says is always growing. You’ll not be able to cruise the Play Store and download at will, but the dedicated Mobiroo app will provide you with a catalogue of Android apps that can be downloaded through your subscription.

Whilst it’s only in beta at the moment, it seems like a great idea and we’re impressed with the Mobiroo store. There are all sorts of apps available, from VNC clients to games and creative camera suites. A couple of big name games like Riptide GP and Tiki Towers 2 can be found in the store and we’d expect more to join as the service expands in time.

If you’re interested in checking it out then you can visit mobiroo.com on your device’s browser and download a free 14 day trial.

BBC iPlayer coming App to Windows Phone 8 and 7.5 smartphones

The BBC has announced that after a long wait they will be bringing the BBC iPlayer streaming App to the latest Windows Phone 8 running devices in a new Native App.

The news was posted by the BBC’s Cyrus Saihan who is the head of Business Development for the BBC who announced the new BBC iPlayer App for the Windows Phone 8 and 7.5 software versions of the OS which means all of the current range of Nokia Lumia handsets and 1st generation WP7 smartphones will all have access to the Beebs streaming service.

Mr Saihan stated that “Today I can let you know that we have signed a deal with Microsoft that will enable us to bring BBC iPlayer to the Windows phone platform.”

The release will entail a shortcut to BBC iPlayer which will be available in the Windows Phone Store, enabling the BBC iPlayer website to work on Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 via a live tile.

This is great news as Android and iOS running devices have had access to the iPlayer app for some time and in the announcement the BBC states that the iPlayer is currently accessible on “over 650 different device types can access BBC iPlayer”.

This is great news for Windows Phone 8 and 7.5 customers as the iPlayer app has been a big omission from the available apps since the OS’s release, but now it’s over to BlackBerry to get the iPlayer App treatment for its BB 10 software!

Film Studios Take Action on Dodgy Downloads & Unauthorised Apps.

Business news source Reuters has reported that five of the biggest Hollywood studios are about to deliver a final cut to dodgy downloads and unauthorised apps based on popular movies and television.

Google Play for Android and the App Store for Apple iOS devices are among the mobile software outlets which are filling up with smartphone and tablet apps boasting content relating to top flicks such as The Hobbit, the Harry Potter series and the Dark Knight Trilogy as well as TV shows like Glee. Of course not all of these apps are legit and their developers have not gained the lawful permissions to include videos and images from these lucrative franchises.

This studio backlash follows a purge on apps which started last year on suspect software featuring content from movies like Ted, The Amazing Spider-man and The Hobbit – one of which was found to be selling scenes of Bilbo and pals as mobile wallpaper.

During the recent Oscar Awards season the number of offending apps grew even more and studios will begin actively monitoring the Google Play and App Stores for pirated content and will seek to have apps removed and developers banned and even fined if found to be using pirated material. The studios are concerned that unofficial tie-ins will harm their products and the also seek to protect unknowing app downloaders from being conned.

Source: Reuters