Choices for Humankind

Here’s the BIG dilemma we humans are having to grapple with. What sort of handset do we want? Or what sort do we think we need?

Large screen for great media playing, or small and compact for unobtrusive practicality. Here at App Developers Uk one or two of us are wondering, maybe we actually need two phones….what’s going on?


A large screened Android for those movie moments or a relatively compact iPhone for the less obtrusive phone call situation? After all it it’s a phone. Or is it? Well no actually its not, it’s a cinema, a radio, bank portal, a shopping portal, browser, diary, organiser, a camera,  message centre, book, map, sat nav,weather forecaster, newspaper, news programme…what else? Well as the saying goes, there’s an app for everything.

On the larger side of things we hear that Samsung are planning on a June release which is to include a mega display busting 6.3inch screen. That’s a Tablet by most people’s definition.

For many the last thing you do with a phone is actually make a call with it and hence the logic of the move towards a larger screen which can display visuals and render sounds in a better way than its pre smart forerunner. And why not?. Why not have the ability to speak to someone real-time on a video link for free…yes, Skype (or the horribly named “Facetime”). Why not use that phone to buy a cinema ticket or that new sofa? Its all about convergence. The phone is no longer a phone, the computer is no longer a computer, the mp3 player is no longer a  ….wait a minute!

A phone is, as we have all known for a while, not merely a device for making vice calls. It’s a lifestyle companion device through which our daily lives is often managed, mangled or mediated, depending on our grasp of the technological possibilities of course. As humankind evolves so too does its understanding of the thousand and one uses of a mobile phone.  Beam me up Scotty.