Film Studios Take Action on Dodgy Downloads & Unauthorised Apps.

Business news source Reuters has reported that five of the biggest Hollywood studios are about to deliver a final cut to dodgy downloads and unauthorised apps based on popular movies and television.

Google Play for Android and the App Store for Apple iOS devices are among the mobile software outlets which are filling up with smartphone and tablet apps boasting content relating to top flicks such as The Hobbit, the Harry Potter series and the Dark Knight Trilogy as well as TV shows like Glee. Of course not all of these apps are legit and their developers have not gained the lawful permissions to include videos and images from these lucrative franchises.

This studio backlash follows a purge on apps which started last year on suspect software featuring content from movies like Ted, The Amazing Spider-man and The Hobbit – one of which was found to be selling scenes of Bilbo and pals as mobile wallpaper.

During the recent Oscar Awards season the number of offending apps grew even more and studios will begin actively monitoring the Google Play and App Stores for pirated content and will seek to have apps removed and developers banned and even fined if found to be using pirated material. The studios are concerned that unofficial tie-ins will harm their products and the also seek to protect unknowing app downloaders from being conned.

Source: Reuters

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