Glastonbury Festival App

2013-06-07 15.03.12

Glastonbury Festival app is now available to help all festival goers get the most out of the event. As any festival veterans will testify the most oft heard query over a festival weekend is: “How do I get to the Pyramid stage” or “where am I?”. The great news is that this free app, created for and owned by the telephone network EE, takes the strain out of the weekend and helps you find your way around the vast site. This is a great tool for all those visiting Pilton during the festival at the end of June.

What we at appdevelopersuk especially like is the Map feature where you can mark the position of your tent (or any other specific part of the festival site for that matter) and always know where you are in relation to it no matter where you may be in within the vast festival site.  So, no more “I couldn’t find my tent” excuses from now on ….hmmm maybe a downside in there somewhere folks, better get ready with the “my battery is out of charge” excuse too. But with a re charge tent and numerous other portable battery charging devices available throughout the site this blag could fall on deaf ears.

2013-06-07 15.03.20The app allows you to sort out a schedule of events and acts so that you have more chance of seeing the performances you want to rather than the usual frustration of forgetting who is on where and when which often blights a festival day. Broken up into site areas as well as by stage, the app displays information to enable the modern day festival goer take a more organised approach. No more lolling about in your tent wondering what day it is, the app will alert you to every chosen event, direct you to the venue and keep you informed about any changes to schedule as some performer or other gets held up due to” leaves on the heli- pad” or some such minor disaster.

If you are an EE customer with a 4G plan you will be able to take advantage of higher speed services throughout the festival weekend. EE are also providing a free recharging service for all festival goers. If you are going to the festival why not try this app and then post your experience about it on this blog once you get back.