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British Toy Association



Data source



Provides a database of play activities. Shake your device to get new play activity idea. Definite your search by useful variables of age, number and more.

Technology Used

  • Built in datafile for activity information

App Overview

The British Toy Association is a marketing app. Engagement of general public and branding. This app Also provides a wide ranging database of games and play activities for the user. Provides solutions for all those rainy days.

App Screenshots

Client Feedback

"App Developers UK immediately understood our vision.  They not only helped us to realise this vision but offered so many ways to enhance our initial ideas.  The result was a great app with an extremely intuitive interface… so much more than we had hoped for.  The process of getting the app to market was effortless and the ability to collaborate on new ideas ever since has been a real bonus.  App Developers UK have the perfect blend of creativity and professionalism and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with them.  A great find!"