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Video Coaching, Timetabled Exercises for Core Stability, Music,

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App Overview

The Core Coach app is your personal motivator. keep track of daily exercises designed specifically to increase core stability and flexibility. Listen to favourite motivational tunes and rate yourself on the unique Tekkers rating section. There are video guides for all exorcises.

Choose from Hard or Easy exercises. The idea is that you will perform 12 repetitions of a specific exercise three times a day. You can perform them any time you choose and you can timetable this to fit your lifestyle.

Some of the benefits of using the app and doing the exercises are:

Increased Muscular endurance, Weight loss, Increased muscular strength, Increased range of movement, Higher resting metabolic rate, Improved balance, Improved posture

The app enables you to select motivational music and timetabling. Set reminders to keep you on track. Enjoy!

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