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RFID reader. GPS location services. Web Interface

Technology Used

  • Geolocation
  • RFID Reader

App Overview

An App commissioned by The London Borough of Tower Hamlets to help in the administration of the opening and closing of Park gates throughout the borough. There are several hundred gates which have to be open and closed at specified times. The app allows the app user to record the event of opening or closing of a specified gate by scanning an RFID tag embedded in/near the gate post and transmission of the data automatically to HQ. This App is distributed by ADK file and installed directly onto Android Mobile Phones rather than via the Google Play Appstore. We have created a Web Interface to accompany the App so that the client can manage and track events and assets processed on the App.


App Screenshots

Client Feedback

We had a problem (how do you tell when an asset in the field has been visited by a member of staff or a contractor), and an idea (use RFID chips) but how do you translate that into a reality? TMTI was able to work with us to develop a solution that would not only link the RFIDs with a mobile application but would also provide us with a web interface allowing us to see in real time what was happening with the assets. This interface included mapping and reporting with the added benefit that it could be accessed by staff remotely. TMTI is a key business partner, their creative team bring a can do attitude to any problem helping to not only meet our business requirements but to build on them developing solutions that are far greater than the sum of their parts.