Receipt Catcher Pro: Independent Review

App Developers UK are always glad to hear about reviews of apps we have created. Receipt Catcher Pro, created by App Developers UK on behalf of DNA Apps has been getting some great reviews and we though we would re publish just one of these for our readers. Guest writer,  has written from an American perspective as you can read below.

Keeping track of receipts is not my forte. They inevitably end up at the bottom of my purse, crumpled in the washing machine or in the trash can. I often run through the house like a mad woman to find these receipts when it comes time for taxes, returning an item or keeping track of my expenses.

Receipt Catcher Pro is one of hundreds if not thousands of receipt apps that are available to help users like me keep track of those little pesky pieces of paper. What I like the most is that an account isn’t required. When the app is launched, users can immediately begin capturing, viewing and exporting receipts. Capturing a receipt is as simple as entering a few details and taking a quick snapshot. Pictures of receipts can then be cropped directly within the app.

When it’s time to find a receipt, just tap on the View Receipts button on the main page to sort them by year, month, type, category and vendor. Receipts can be deleted, edited and searched for with minimal effort.

Not only can users view their receipts on the iPhone, but they can also export them as PDF or .CSV files to print or email. This makes it easy to keep track of not only the actual receipts but all the expense details as well.

Additional features that make Receipt Catcher Pro stand out from its competitors are the ability to fit images to a standard letter page, no extra charges or fees when exporting expenses in PDF or .CSV, a database that is backedup in iCloud to share with other devices, an option to hide fields that aren’t used and a currency converter.

I was surprised by the available options, but I do wish it was a little easier to navigate. The user manual is a lengthy PDF files that requires quite a bit of reading and the settings options are actually located on the iPhone instead of within the app itself. One other improvement that would make the app better is an interface makeover. Although there are a ton of great features and its functional, the app just doesn’t look exciting. Adding a customization option like changing the background color may help give it an extra boost.

Receipt Catcher Pro is staying on my home screen. It has all the features that I need and it doesn’t have any hidden expenses. If the price seems a little steep, there’s a cheaper version available for $0.99 for those who can do without the option to add a company logo to the PDF output or add a custom exchange rate to the currency converter. There’s always the option to upgrade later, which makes the basic version a dollar well worth spending.