Apple:50 Billion downloads.Android poised to overtake!



Apple hit 50 Billion downloads. Android poised to overtake! As reported on this blog Apple are now proud to have announced the 50 billionth app download. It’s a breath-taking number in a breath-taking world of technical accomplishment.  What makes this so noteworthy is the fact that at present smart phone penetration is still only around 50% of mobile phone users.  It is predicted that by 2017 the penetration rates in Europe will reach 80 to 90%, increasing the number of potential customers for the App store and its competitors. Penetration of Smartphones in the USA lags someway behind Europe. There is therefore obvious potential for this number to accelerate towards 100 billion in the coming years is clear.

The App store has only been open for 5 years. Its “doors” opened in July 2005 with only 500 apps available to download. That number has grown to a current choice 850,000 different apps across 23 different categories. As if that’s not enough, these apps are available alongside a further half a million or so across the other major platforms.

In fact whilst Apple celebrates this milestone the fact is that Google’s Android platform is poised to take a more prominent position in the market and currently there are 500 million more Android apps from Google Play per month beingdownloaded.  There are now 900 million Android based devices out there as compared to 600 million Apple devices.  Google claims that it has had 48 billion downloads to date and is achieving 2.5 billion per month compared to Apple’s 2 billion monthly downloads. The trend is set for the coming months. Android will be pushing for top spot in the app distributing business sooner than those at Apple may wish to admit.


5 Stars for I Plan Success App

Apps Magazine awards 5 stars for iPlanSuccess© This comes as no surprise ofcourse but is a welcome addition to other 5 star reviews (see below where a google search reveals CNET and iTunes have also racked up 5 start reviews for the app.)

iplan article 5 star

iplan successgoogle CNET and iTunes rack up 5 Stars for iplansuccess

Since its release just before Christmas, the iPlanSuccess©  App has been succeeding in the self help space where others have fared less well. The purpose of the app is to enable users to track their progress over a number of key areas of their lives. They plan for success by using the app as a companion to remind, to log and to inspire. Now we all need a bit of help these days to organise and prioritise in as simple and clear a way as possible and that’s why this app has gained a substantial fan base already!

iPlanSuccess© is a practical application that allows you to be more successful. It helps you:

  • Identify what is important to you; what you value and makes you feel good
  • Assess your own capabilities; your strengths and how you might limit yourself
  • Develop well thought through goals and appropriate actions; identify support to draw on, and set realistic timescales
  • Monitor progress with a clear real-time overview and…
  • Achieve more, in all likelihood, than you would have done.

iPlanSuccess© is much more than another one of those task or reminder lists. It is a serious tool for people who really care about achieving their ambitions. It ensures you identify the goals and actions that are right for you.

AppDevelopersUk developed the app on behalf of two professional workplace consultants who have been developing the concept behind their unique approach to this for many years. They came to us with a paper based version which was already tried and tested in many blue chip companies on their client lists. The task of turning this into an iPad app was one we relished. Working across numerous iterations our development team produced a fine tuned final version which was released in December 2012. To date there have been no updates or upgrades (testimony to our developer’s skills as well as to a fantastic brief!) but in the future there is scope for white labelling as well as feature upgrade work. If you are interested in white labelling this app do contact us and we will be happy to put you in touch with the company who designed the app.

50 Billion Apps on Apple


The fact that Apple are about to reach the mind boggling milestone of 50 billion app downloads represents  a remarkable moment. Perhaps it’s more remarkable to note that it was only last year that Apple celebrated 25 billion app downloads. The downloads have doubled over less than 12 months! It is only as recent as January 2013 that the 40 billionth app was downloaded….

The other point to notice about these is that over half of them are available as FREE apps. The so called free app has of course engineered its own way to make money; the” in app” purchase. You get the free app with limited content or features and then are lured into downloading additional content or features through the in app offerings. This has been a particular success in the gaming side of the free app market. According to a survey by App Hero, Apple have 800,000 apps available on the store. Of these there will be a huge number presumably, which have enjoyed low levels of success whilst many others will account for huge numbers of downloads. One only has to think Angry Birds, EverNote or Google Maps for instance.

Whatever angle you look at it from, the app market, still a youthful enterprise by any standard, has made a big impression on daily lives of billions of people around the globe, and established a whole new economy. Once the app store matures we shouldn’t be surprised to see whole new avenues of commerce and business thriving and bringing new horizons to the world of apps.




BirdTrack App Well Received

BirdTrack App Well Received - App Developers UKBirdTrack organised by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) has maintained its high placing in the reference app category.

The iOS version of this fantastic resource, created by App Developers UK and featured on this blog recently, has been used by thousands of bird enthusiasts to watch the movements and track the sightings of hundreds of species of birds visiting the UK. Ratings from the app store show how well received the app has been.  As of Saturday 20th April the app was ranked 66th in the reference category. Considering the tens of thousands of reference apps on the market that’s a very impressive position.

With an estimated 5,000 downloads since its recent release. The app has been garnering some very positive feedback, for instance:  I was aware that this App was imminent and was eagerly awaiting its arrival. I wasn’t”t disappointed. This App was obviously created by someone who’d put some thought into its use. Once downloaded and synched to my BTO account I was able to enter data within seconds. Excellent App, highly recommended”

The chances are that more and more will begin to enjoy BirdTrack. If you are interested to learn about the development of this app then drop us a line here at App Developers UK.

Introducing: SMS Spin

Our latest app is here! SMS Spin is a fun app for iPhone and Android users with a twist. Ever wanted to break the ice with somebody, or perhaps get a conversation started with something completely random and out of the blue? SMS Spin does just that.

Available on iPhone and Android through the App Store aniOS Simulator Screen shot 15 Mar 2013 16.57.00d Play Store respectively, SMS Spin is a fun app that allows you to play a sort of Russian roulette, but with text messaging. It’s a little different from the experience you’d get on some gambling sites, like v9bet for vietnamese player – this time, the money on the table is your dignity!

Choose low stakes, pick a contact from your phone book and spin the wheel to send a completely random pre-written text message. Watch out for the naughty and embarrassing options though, which could result in some very interesting replies indeed!

Opt for high stakes and things get really interesting. Here you don’t get to pick out a contact to send your random message to – SMS Spin picks somebody from your contacts list completely at random. Combine that with a spin of the wheel to decide which type of text to send and things certainly get interesting.

When spinning the wheel you’re dicing with random text messages that come under a selection of categories; Funny, Random, Smart, Naughty, Embarrassing and Random. Once the wheel has landed on one of these categories you can choose to send an SMS. Then all that’s left to do is sit back and nervously await a reply!

SMS Spin uses slick casino table-style graphics with gorgeous fonts and a smooth user interface to make the app both simple and a pleasure to use. Thanks to the layout it’s easy to pick up an iPhone or Android phone with SMS Spin loaded and start having fun within seconds. Though, if you want to learn how to play roulette it may be worth brushing up before you dive in. After getting some skills underneath your belt, you may want to check out fun88 casino online and see how much you could win!

Check out SMS Spin in action below and download it from the App Store on iPhone or the Play Store on Android now. A word of warning – don’t go using the high stakes option if you have your boss saved in your contacts book!

App Downloads reach 13.4B on Sales of $2.2B

Recent figures from Canalys show that in Q1 2013 the four top app stores worldwide accounted for 13.4 billion app downloads and $2.2 billion worth of paid apps and in-app purchases. On the face of it, it would appear that the Google Play Store is running away with the race posting 51% of all downloads but this is only half of the story.  Downloads originating from Apple’s App Store account for 74% of all revenue generated at ($1.6 billion).

iOS vs  Google Play

App store icons

These figures back up the advice that we give to clients at when asked which platform they should develop for first.  If the client plans to charge for the initial download of their app then they should seriously consider Apple as their preferred platform to give them the best chance of generating revenue.

In terms of growth the figures show an 11% growth compared to Q4 2012 in downloads and 9% in terms of sales showing strong appetite for downloading new apps and paying for those apps.


Although overall app numbers for Google Play and the Apple App Store top 500,000 each, Blackberry and Windows are languishing with around the 100,000 mark.  This clearly demonstrates that app developers and their clients need further convincing that developing for Windows and Blackberry is a safe and sensible move and not a gamble.

Despite the challenges, and the not very encouraging numbers, Canalys still sees an opportunity.

“Apple’s App Storeand Google Play remain the heavyweights in the app store world,” writes Tim Shepherd, Canalys senior analyst. “In comparison, BlackBerry World and the Windows Phone Store remain distant challengers today, though they still should not be ignored.”