Apps Mean Business

images FOR APPSIncreasingly we turn to the web or an app for goods and services. Both provide the ideal shop window for any business wanting to be seen and heard. As well as this, the use of software like PieSync
allows for businesses to keep up to date with customer data and keeps it all in one place, for easier access. With technology playing a part in many businesses, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Apps have a further appeal because by their nature they are mobile. Mobile has become the number ONE media for consumers.
To ignore this is to limit your business opportunities, reduce your market share and frankly, be left behind…the word on Commercial Street is written large and clear, get a mobile app, bring your website up to speed and link the two. To keep their business productivity at the highest standards, businesses may decide to enlist the help of a Digital Transformation service that can ensure they go from strength to strength. By visiting the VANTIQ WEBSITE can give you all the information that you need to know to increase your market share and your profits. Smartphone ownership is growing, for the first time more than 50% of all phone sales during the first quarter of 2013 were SmartPhones. That’s why Apps Mean Business.

Here’s a quick checklist of the benefits of an app for business small or large, established or start-up.

  • An App will help grow your business, increase incomes, turnover and cash flow.
  • An app is always on, always available and always putting your brand in front of your customers.
  • An App will help promote your identity, your brand and your perceived image as modern and up to date. Your business icon will be visible on the user’s phone.
  • Add Push Notification and you have an immediate and easy to manage direct communication channel to those of your clients who have downloaded the app. For marketing departments, this is the Holy Grail. Engage with your customers!
  • Apps will enable you to collect and collate information from your consumer base. What they like and what they want.
  • Retain existing customers by communicating with them through the app.
  • Keep updating the app either through inbuilt content management system or by refreshing content through your developer periodically.

Link the app to your website. A simple URL link will take your customers to your website where they can purchase goods, register their needs and more. All on the move. The mobile website in conjunction with the mobile app is here to stay and whilst many businesses have already seen the opportunities the combination offers, many are yet to adopt this beautiful synergy of app and website. In a couple of years, the picture will be different as competition drives business’s investment into this channel. If they ignore it or leave it until later, their competitors will steal a march on them and grab market share. The advice from those who have already shifted gear would be: act now, bring the app and website relationship to life for your business.

There are, in addition, a plethora of productivity apps that have helped businesses. The streamlining of working practice through communications and data collection, formatting and transmission in real-time has sped up so many processes, reduced paper trails and increased overall efficiencies. Using sites like to have a paperless filing system has made files much easier to access and store, creating more efficient processes for the businesses. Each month there are new releases and not all of these are distributed widely. There are many thousands of Enterprise release apps that have helped businesses gain an edge on their competitors.

Here at App Developers UK we have created several business apps in this category and know from first-hand testimony how powerful these apps can be out there in the field. One client commissioned us to create an app that links to their in house database of over 50 thousand parts, each with a varying price. These can be schematically created on an iPad on the customer’s premises to give a real immediacy and to create a superb sales opportunity, whether it be fulfilling a need of the customer or up-selling.