Apple V Android: Market Share

imgresApple V Android: Market Share. When we think of smart phones people often think first of Apple before Android. That’s interesting in light of the fact that in terms of numbers of people using Android devices the market is split as follows: Android 79% of the market, iOS 14.2%, Windows, 3.3%, BlackBerry 2.7 %others 0.7%.

Pretty comprehensive domination from Android then! So why is it so many of us think Apple when we consider the concept of the smartphone?  Surely it must be the branding, the marketing, the product simplicity the single design purist approach with only black or white models available. Android is happy to be diverse in design and manufacture to carry its OS. There are in excess of a thousand devices carrying the OS.

Smartphones, like many other products sell worldwide but the world is not a simple single marketplace. The development of a market in emerging nations of Asia and Africa in particular has undoubtedly helped the Android OS. Devices priced under£ 60.00 help popularise Android, in short its relatively affordable whilst iOS needs an expensive Apple iPhone to run on which are several times the price.  According to Gartner, Asia/Pacific, Latin America and Eastern Europe had the highest smartphone growth rates of 74.1%, 55.7% and 31.6% respectively, compared to the same quarter in 2012. This is largely growth in Android OS based devices.

Apple is recognized as more of a luxury item and hence may be considered as niche. Android on the other hand is  increasingly the people’s phone.  Between Apple and Android -with a teeny bit of help from the likes of Windows and Blackberry (though for how long is anyone’s guess)- smartphones account for 51.8% of the market share for mobile phones. It’s amazing to think that  it was only last month that the number of devices sold in a quarter finally out sell on the smartphone OS’s as opposed to the traditional “feature phone’s”.  This 51.8% figure is startling considering that 12 months ago the smartphone market accounted for only 36% of the market. meanwhile the never tiring wheels of marketing will grind on. Apple have their high profile annual jamboree very shortly…. Watch this space.