Sat Nav Overkill?

l_20745401Commuters generally take a similar if not identical route every working day of the week.  The fact is that they grow to know the route intimately and could probably do it whilst reading the Times and eating a piece of toast. What do they need a sat nav for? Isn’t this a case of Sat Nav Overkill?

Well according to TomTom it’s an added value to their experience…by adding traffic data enabling them to avoid pinch points, jams and the other joys of commuting. Like others, here at App Developers UK we have our doubts as to the actual need for this extra data.  And what happens if everyone on the same commute gets the same information and takes the same avoiding actions, diversions? Logic would suggest that they create a jam elsewhere on the route and hence generate more data for their device and hence and so on in a never ending jamtastic journey to work. Seriously though isn’t it time to put the brakes on technology for technology’s sake? This is just one example of delivering data just because we can.

But according to TomTom the whole point is to get this auto piloted journeys into the TomTom gambit. Then again the customer is going to drive this concept and in our opinion leave it parked on the hard shoulder. Don’t do it Mr TomTom, instead develop something useful like a live parking data feed so we can find a car park without having to tour the vicinity searching for SPACES.


In fact that would be a great idea, wonder if there’s an app for that? Probably. If you know of one, that works, really works…. please let us know, we all want one of those!

Google Street View – Getting even better!

More coverage, more pictures and even more close-ups! For many, Street View from Google has revolutionised the way we look at maps and familiarise ourselves with places we are thinking of visiting or places we would just like to see what they actually look like. Google Street View – Getting even better!

It’s hard to believe that we already take this fantastic technology for granted after only 4 years since its release. There have been controversial aspects – the privacy concerns of some have made it impossible for some towns or villages in Europe to be photographed by the famed Google cars and cameras.

Despite grumbles from some quarters, the latest version has added 15% more coverage of the UK’s roads, bringing the total coverage to 65%.  There are also even some interiors, made possible by adopting some lightweight recording gear carried in backpacks of all things!

Here at App Developers UK we love the added reach of the service and wonder what the next phase may be. What would you like to see next? Do you share the view of a considerable number about the potentially invasive nature of the service or do you, like us, think ‘the more the merrier, bring it on Google, but watch out for the wildlife!’?