SMS texts are overtaken by Chat Apps

smstext imageEver since texting began back in the mid eighties  it seemed destined to be the most important communication tool available. Indeed it took off like wildfire beyond all predicted levels. Ever since then the growth has been phenomenal. According to forecast by Informa Telecoms & Media  ( SMS will remain a source of revenues and traffic for mobile phone companies until at least 2015.

Revenues in 2010 for Global SMS traffic was 110 billion and is expected to be 137 billion by 2015.  Recently there’s been an upturn in the use of SMS in the emerging markets, mostly to deliver financial information to mobile phone users who would otherwise not be reachable.

whatsapp image

But there’s a new pretender and it’s about to knock SMS texts off the top spot. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Informa have now released data and analysis to point us to a future where Chat Apps such as WhatsApp and BBM rule the messaging roost. By the end of 2013 its estimated that there will be 41 billion such messages sent daily across the globe and that’s double the predicted number of SMS messages. On a smaller scale this differential can be appreciated even more starkly: each app user, sending messages, does so an average 32.6 times a day compared to the 5 SMS texts they may also send. The trend is clear. App usage for messaging services are on the increase.

Where this may be felt just as heavily is in the world of social networking site Facebook. Its not that Facebook is losing popularity but there’s a sense that youthful communicators are attracted to the succinct message properties of WhatApp type services. Again it would be a mistake to overstate this but it’s a different medium and probable one which is complemented by rather than than threatened. Perhaps there’s a synergy there waiting to be exploited.

As we noted in an earlier piece, the growth of the Smartphone and the relative decline of the so called Dumb phone sector seems to mirror this trend. But as industry insiders have noted, there’s life in the SMS market purely because the emerging economies by and large are not big consumers of the Smart phone technology. Hence communications via SMS will remain important and potentially grow until such a time as the SmartPhone dominates all regions of the world.

Introducing: SMS Spin

Our latest app is here! SMS Spin is a fun app for iPhone and Android users with a twist. Ever wanted to break the ice with somebody, or perhaps get a conversation started with something completely random and out of the blue? SMS Spin does just that.

Available on iPhone and Android through the App Store aniOS Simulator Screen shot 15 Mar 2013 16.57.00d Play Store respectively, SMS Spin is a fun app that allows you to play a sort of Russian roulette, but with text messaging. It’s a little different from the experience you’d get on some gambling sites, like v9bet for vietnamese player – this time, the money on the table is your dignity!

Choose low stakes, pick a contact from your phone book and spin the wheel to send a completely random pre-written text message. Watch out for the naughty and embarrassing options though, which could result in some very interesting replies indeed!

Opt for high stakes and things get really interesting. Here you don’t get to pick out a contact to send your random message to – SMS Spin picks somebody from your contacts list completely at random. Combine that with a spin of the wheel to decide which type of text to send and things certainly get interesting.

When spinning the wheel you’re dicing with random text messages that come under a selection of categories; Funny, Random, Smart, Naughty, Embarrassing and Random. Once the wheel has landed on one of these categories you can choose to send an SMS. Then all that’s left to do is sit back and nervously await a reply!

SMS Spin uses slick casino table-style graphics with gorgeous fonts and a smooth user interface to make the app both simple and a pleasure to use. Thanks to the layout it’s easy to pick up an iPhone or Android phone with SMS Spin loaded and start having fun within seconds. Though, if you want to learn how to play roulette it may be worth brushing up before you dive in. After getting some skills underneath your belt, you may want to check out fun88 casino online and see how much you could win!

Check out SMS Spin in action below and download it from the App Store on iPhone or the Play Store on Android now. A word of warning – don’t go using the high stakes option if you have your boss saved in your contacts book!