Advertising on Apps

imagesSpend on digital advertising has grown past the 5 billion dollars during 2012. Advertising on Apps is big buisness, infact the mobile element of this growth accounts for over 50% of the growth. That’s even more impressive against falling or stagnating Ad spend in other sectors.  Mobile adverts, so often carried in apps are right there at the forefront of the advertising business.

What does this mean for apps? The exciting aspect of this growth is that it gives additional weight to the view that apps can generate significant advertising income. If even a small share of the huge advertising spend is being channelled via the app world then this should give inspiration to those looking to develop an app.

The numbers show an increase in the mobile sector of 323 million pounds in 2012. Not forgetting this is an austerity phase of economic activity adds even more weight to the significance of these figures.

In the UK  the high take-up of broadband and the continuing rise of smartphones and tablet computers have helped establish this improvement in sales into the mobile sector and helping the advertising community see mobile as just as important as any other digital platform. In Britain the market has 2/3 penetration in terms of smart phone ownership. That’s a very large section of the population and gives advertises confidence that their message will be seen and heard. Further segmentation by platform naturally follows.

“Advertisers are increasingly buying integrated campaigns across online and mobile rather than regarding mobile as an afterthought,” director of research and strategy at the IAB Tim Elkington said.

And what of the future. Analysts think that when 4G is established the power and potential will leap further as speeds of delivery of data will enhance the experience for users. Better muliti- tasking, faster downloads, higher resolutions all add value to this already burgeoning sector. Here at App Developers UK we are expecting a maturation of the market as the tail begins to wag the dog. In other words the ads may become the prime motivator for the creation of an app rather than the other way around. Watch this space.


Apple v Android Smartphone battle – no sign of let up.

screen-shot-2013-04-05-at-8-13-29-am - CopyApple v Android Smartphone battle – no sign of let up. Just as we all thought  that Android had crept up and stolen the number 1 spot from Apple with giants such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 ploughing through the dazzling array of handset choices, we have  new statistics showing that Apple are holding their position. In fact, figures from ComScore MobiLens show that between November 2012 and February 2013 Apple has increased its share of the smartphone market in the USA from 35% to 40%. Moreover in the same time period Android has lost a few percentage points slipping from a mighty 53.7% to 51.7%. Ok so it’s a small shift rather than a seismic movement but it’s significant because all the signals had been that Android was stealing a march on the Apple pie. (Ahem…).

The next few months will be critical to see whether this surprising turn of numbers continues. Both Google and Android have got some big hitting releases coming up which will presumably lead to increased handset sales on the Android side of the equation and As ever the next iPhone is already anticipated with the usual degree of whispered expectations for great things.

The lack of a third big hitting platform in the smartphone arena has led to a duopoly and there’s no end to this in sight. But in the mobile world nothing is certain and a single game changing move by Windows could lead to a serious challenge to the status quo.

Formula 1 2013 Timing App CP

View of the newest F1 appIf you love Formula 1 racing as many of us at App Developers UK do, then this could be the app to treat yourself to. But this is for the dedicated fan as it doesn’t come cheap at £23.99. With the first race of the season yesterday and a win for team Lotus chalked up, the timing of this new app release couldn’t be better.

If the sector times in P3 are your passion, if you want to have a choice of KMPH or old school MPH, then read on.

Available in for the iPhone or for your Android devices, this app provides a great companion or second screen of information during or after a race weekend. For starters there’s the all-important timing feature which tracks all the events and action car by car giving the user a huge amount of data to absorb, and presumably all whilst the TV display the actual race and commentary. There are small green pop outs giving tit bits of information about a particular car “Button on intermediates” for instance. Or “smoke coming from Alonso’s car through the chicane). All aspects are covered including pit stop statistics and details of what’s happening to the cars as they emit carbon art a highly explosive rate for a couple of hours across the globe.

There are good graphics of the track, driver profiles and statistics to satisfy even the most demanding of you. You can follow individual drivers, get overviews of their positions relative to the rest of the field or compare stats against team mates, its all there in the app, and if sitting on the sofa for 20 weekends of the year, watching the fuel guzzling action is part of your game plan, this could be a great way to enhance the experience. We would love to hear your thoughts on this one so post a comment and let us know.