Choices for Humankind

Here’s the BIG dilemma we humans are having to grapple with. What sort of handset do we want? Or what sort do we think we need?

Large screen for great media playing, or small and compact for unobtrusive practicality. Here at App Developers Uk one or two of us are wondering, maybe we actually need two phones….what’s going on?


A large screened Android for those movie moments or a relatively compact iPhone for the less obtrusive phone call situation? After all it it’s a phone. Or is it? Well no actually its not, it’s a cinema, a radio, bank portal, a shopping portal, browser, diary, organiser, a camera,  message centre, book, map, sat nav,weather forecaster, newspaper, news programme…what else? Well as the saying goes, there’s an app for everything.

On the larger side of things we hear that Samsung are planning on a June release which is to include a mega display busting 6.3inch screen. That’s a Tablet by most people’s definition.

For many the last thing you do with a phone is actually make a call with it and hence the logic of the move towards a larger screen which can display visuals and render sounds in a better way than its pre smart forerunner. And why not?. Why not have the ability to speak to someone real-time on a video link for free…yes, Skype (or the horribly named “Facetime”). Why not use that phone to buy a cinema ticket or that new sofa? Its all about convergence. The phone is no longer a phone, the computer is no longer a computer, the mp3 player is no longer a  ….wait a minute!

A phone is, as we have all known for a while, not merely a device for making vice calls. It’s a lifestyle companion device through which our daily lives is often managed, mangled or mediated, depending on our grasp of the technological possibilities of course. As humankind evolves so too does its understanding of the thousand and one uses of a mobile phone.  Beam me up Scotty.


Hitachi Air Conditioning App is released by App Developers UK

mzl.qwqyqegm.320x480-75Hitachi Air Conditioning App is released by App Developers UK. Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe has developed in collaboration with a free App which will provide service engineers with fast, easy access to alarm codes and their meanings – even if you’re not familiar with Hitachi’s equipment.

What does it do?

•Simple and fast product alarm code identification tool for air conditioning, heating and ventilation
•Reduces the need for bulky manuals, all information you need is in the palm of your hand
•Detailed ‘troubleshooting’ flowcharts
•Access information 24/7, making diagnosing problems much easier – even for those not familiar with Hitachi equipment.
•Helps service engineers to diagnose the problem and resolve things quickly, saving both time and money.
•Makes finding answers when you’re on site or doing repairs and maintenance much more straightforward.
•Quick diagnosis and resolution of problems, enables service engineers to provide a satisfying outcome for their customers.
•Attach the technical sheet to an email or add to favourites for one tap easy access later on
•Hitachi helpline information available in a few taps
•Keep up-to-date with Hitachi news using the links to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
•Available in a number of different languages

This application is fully supported for iOS versions 4 and 5 and Android.

Why not download it here – from Appstore or here from Google Play

Or view the video here –



App-tastic App-e-tite for App usage

A mobile phone is for talking on …right? ……… Wrong.

According to new research from Flurry, it seems that 80% of time spent on a mobile phone is spent doing something with an app. So the whole point of a mobile phone has been subsumed by the world of apps.  The statistics relate to surveys carried out in the USA but let’s just assume these translate across much of western society including the UK.  Statistics show that 2 hours and 38 minutes a day are spent on the mobile device and that all but a fifth of this is spent on apps. Does that ring true with you? (pardon the pun).


So what exactly is the 80% of phone time being used on? Well, the figures, drawn from analysis of over 1 billion active smart devices, show that  almost half of this time is spent gaming- driving shooting, puzzling. The rest is split between social networking apps, browsing on the web and entertainment (what’s Facebook and gaming then.. ….education?). The results are simply staggering as they show how we as a community of techno addicts spend so much of our waking time engaging with an inanimate and inhuman machine. If you add this stat to the hours in front of a computer screen, a TV and so on, the picture emerging is of a trend towards watching screens rather than talking to people. Food for thought.

Launching App Developers UK into Social Networking

We at App Developers UK are constantly focusing on creating the best Apps on the planet but we have recently started to join the social media revolution with our new look website and new Facebook, Twitter an YouTube accounts.

We have setup a new Twitter feeds so you can ask us a question, comment on our work and share some of our news with all of your followers and likewise with the Facebook Page.

On YouTube you can see just what we have created in the past with an extensive look at our App videos on the worlds biggest video sharing website.

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Windows 8 gets its own official Twitter app

Microsoft’s new Windows 8 is still lacking some big name applications in its quest to offer an expansive and varied Store of apps. However, one gap has now been filled with the launch of an official Twitter app. Official apps from Twitter and Facebook are probably near the top of most Windows 8 users’ app wants, and Twitter has beaten Mark Zuckerberg and co. to the punch. As of today you’ll be able to download Twitter for Windows 8, for free, from the Windows 8 Store. As you might expect, the app follows the Windows 8 design ethos, being optimised for use with touchscreen devices like tablets and all-in-one desktops. The overall look is very minimal, with a swipe-out bar on the left giving access to the usual functions like Home, Connect, Discover and Me, and a large area in the centre for scrolling through your feed and expanding on tweets. The app makes the most of the fact that most Windows 8 devices will have large screens – at least 10-inches – and so tweets with attached images expand as you click a tweet to really take advantage of the extra screen real estate. Twitter for Windows 8 may not be ground breaking but it’s a welcome addition to the growing collection of apps on Microsoft’s new platform. If you prefer using apps to websites then this is definitely one to check out.

Twitter Music

A report from CNET suggests that Social and micro-blogging network Twitter will be launching a new dedicated music app for Apple iOS devices this month, Twitter Music.

iPhone and iPad users will be the first to try the imaginatively titled ‘Twitter Music’ app when it tunes up towards the end of March and the app’s development is backed by the San Francisco based audio tech company We Are Hunted which was recently purchased by Twitter. We Are Hunted is a little known entity with an employee base of just 10 which provides  online music news, searches and charts allowing them to be shared socially.

According to CNET Twitter will use the experience of its start-up acquisition to base the new Twitter Music software and the app will be presented in different sections including ‘Popular’, ‘Suggestions’ and ‘#NowPlaying’ which will be accessible through familiar Twitter tabs similar to those used in the main social app available on our mobile platforms.

Twitter is yet to make this news official but with the original social platform dominated by popular music artists such as Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga tweeting and trending worldwide with over 3.5 million followers each we think this is a great move forward.