Development & Launching Your App


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At App Developers UK our skilled and experienced team will take care of the artwork, design, user interface and coding. We work on a personalised approach and once an app is under development we will supply information about the app to you as progress is made so as to ensure you’re happy with how your project is evolving. This allows you to confirm the look and feel of the app and to ensure everything is as you require, and make changes or additions as you see fit.

Once the app is ready and we’re sure that you’re happy with the final product we will publish the app via your own developer account and then put the account into your control, where a simple password change allows you to take total control of all information about downloads, income and other stats generated, all of which are available to you once your app is published.

If you hope to continually update and evolve your app over time then we can also cater for this. We’re happy to discuss new ideas and changes, which we can implement for you as app updates.